Live Edge Walnut Table with Steel Legs

After a 35 year career as a partner with a very successful construction development firm, Blaire is very excited to have the opportunity to follow a new passion. By combining his education in horticulture, passion for woodworking and creative design skills, he began making beautiful, one of a kind pieces of wood furniture. Each piece he creates is stunningly unique and he welcomes the opportunity to make completely customized pieces of furniture for homes, offices and cottages. The Black Wall Gallery is honored to be the gallery to debut some of Blaire's fine work. If you have a vision or a dream  of owning a custom piece of furniture, from design concept to delivery, let Blaire facilitate that dream.  He is after all, the Dream Maker. 

End Table

The Black Wall's very own sales counter and hutch were custom made by the Dream Maker

Blaire Gateman ~ The Dream Maker

Boardroom Table